Sunday School

Sunday School classes begin at 9:45 AM. We invite and encourage you to visit several classes and then choose one that you find interesting, affirming, and challenging!

Childcare - Jess Best and Lenita Rockenhaus 
(Infants through age 2) 

Godly Play Class - Janet Sheets and Robin Moore
(Ages 3 through Kindergarten)

1st-3rd Grade Class - Sharon Hynan and Sadie Hynan 

4th-6th Grade Class - Leslie Rosencrans

Youth Sunday School Class - Katie Cook, Ashley Cruseturner, and Donna Kennedy

The Bible Class - Rosalie Beck
This intergenerational, Scripture-focused class is led by Rosalie Beck. 

Church People in Chairs Talking Life - Kent McKeever
This class will offer conversations about the big issues of our faith and how they show up in our daily lives. 

Lectio Divina - Blake Burleson and Jim Kennedy
Lectio Divina is a contemplative approach to biblical study facilitated by Blake Burleson and Jim Kennedy. This intergenerational class practices prayer, meditation, chanting, and imaginative exercises which amplify sacred scripture. Blake teaches world religions and Jim recently retired from teaching Old Testament at Baylor University.

The Roundtable Class
This conversation-oriented class chooses a book of the Bible to read and discuss in-depth, alternating between the Old and New Testaments. All participants are encouraged to bring their own interests and expertise to the table, to help the class gain exciting new insights into the texts.

The Sojourners Class - Derek Dodson
This intergenerational class is conversation-oriented and follows the Lectionary.